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Carolina Tejera

Carolina Tejera Desnuda : Of a Mexican father and a Spanish mother, she has stood out as an actress for her participation in various Venezuelan and American soap operas.

Her first acting opportunity was in the 1993 soap opera Sirena produced by Marte Televisión and broadcast by Venevisión, this would come with other important roles in her soap opera career such as La hija del Presidente and Reina de Corazones.

However, it was in 1999 when RCTV gave her her first leading role in the Venezuelan soap opera Secret Woman with actor Juan Carlos Vivas; This was definitely a challenge for Carolina, as she played a 33-year-old woman, only 23 years old in real life.

In 2000, he received his second leading role again with RCTV in the soap opera Hay amores que matan. In 2001, he participated in the soap opera Carissima where he played Maribella in RCTV.

After two leading roles and several soap operas recorded with RCTV in her native Venezuela, in 2002 the actress signed a contract with Venevisión International and moved to the city of Miami to antagonize the telenovela Gata Salvado giving life to Eva Granados.

Thanks to his character, he records two more soap operas, one in Peru, Lorenzo’s wife with Iguana Producciones and Venevisión International between 2003 and 2004, and in “Inocente de ti” with Televisa between 2004 and 2005.

Carolina Tejera Desnuda married on March 3, 2006 with the Costa Rican businessman Don Stockwell, with whom she had a son. After a work absence of almost three years, Carolina participates in the Costa Rican version of the program Dancing for a Dream, however, she suffered a neck fracture that kept her absent for another year.

In 2008 he returned with the soap opera Valeria this time on the American television station Univisión where he played Miroslava.

After two years of not acting in soap operas, Carolina signs with Telemundo, where to date she has 3 soap operas, the first of which was Aurora in 2010, making a special participation, followed by another participation in the culminating stage of the soap opera Alguien te mira.

In 2011, Carolina Tejera Desnuda returned to receive a starring role in the soap opera Mi corazón insiste, playing the new villain of the soap opera. She participated in Corazón valiente as Lorena Barrios but left the soap opera for alleged misconduct and irresponsibility, and that is why she has not signed any contract with Telemundo again.1 In 2013 she returns with the production of Cisneros Media Cosita linda as Tiffany Robles.2 I mean

Personal life
On March 3, 2006 she married the Costa Rican businessman Don Stockwell. On August 2, 2006, Carolina gave birth to her first child, a boy named Michael Aslan Stockwell Tejera. After almost five years of marriage and with a child involved, Carolina and Don Stockwell signed the formal divorce on May 5, 2011 in a friendly and cordial manner.3 4 This forced Carolina to officially settle in Miami with her son Michael.



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