15 David And Alexis Sibling Moments From “Schitt’s Creek” That Make Me Smile


1. When they got off to a bickering start by fighting over the motel beds:

2. When David gave Alexis a reality check, because sometimes you just need tough love:

Alexis says her boyfriend said he could potentially see himself considering saying I love you at some point, David says "that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard"

3. And when Alexis kept his ego in check right back:

David says he never saw himself living with someone and Alexis says that makes sense since nobody ever wanted to live with him

4. When they were reluctantly there for each other:

5. When Alexis tried to get out of going to her mom’s surprise party and David was having absolutely none of it:

David tells Ted their mom will be upset if Alexis doesn't come to the party and Alexis whispers that she'll slap him

6. When they dragged each other’s boyfriends:

Alexis says things are probably starting to feel "a little snooze town" with Patrick and David responds "you're dating a vet who irons his polo shirts"

7. When Alexis felt like she couldn’t do anything right anymore and David gave her a much-needed pep talk:

David says there's only room for one unstable sibling and that's him

8. When they expressed how much they actually cared about each other in just a few words:

Alexis: "well you don't have to worry about me," David: "well I did"

9. When Alexis, David, and Patrick all shared a room:

10. When Alexis caught David red-handed:

Alexis says someone keeps eating her yogurt and David gasps, while eating her yogurt

11. When David held a completely reasonable grudge:

Alexis says David can trust her and he reminds her of what happened with their Tamagotchis

12. When Alexis gave David relationship advice:

Alexis says Patrick is a "sweet little button face" and tells David not to mess it up

13. When David was the biggest Ted/Alexis shipper of us all:

Ted and Alexis kiss and David cheers

14. When Alexis just really, really needed a hug after her breakup:

15. When Alexis did not understand wedding attire:

Alexis wears a wedding dress to her own brother's wedding

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